Aluminum Cans

One of the most popular commodities to collect are aluminum cans. Their value is higher than standard aluminum because food cans are made with the highest quality "food grade" aluminum. Cans are consumed in almost any household across America with the total consumption each year reaching over 80 billion, there's no limit on how many times aluminum can be recycled. Help us and your community keep the waste on the environment down by collecting aluminum cans that we will pay you for.

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous

Aluminum, copper, brass, insulated wire, lead, steel/iron are all examples of the metals that we take. There are special alloys of course and special instances but the more you clean a metal to be bare from the rest, the more worth that metal becomes. Leave everything together and it degrades the values. Clean, separate, recycling.


Bring motherboards, RAM, processors, PSU(Power Supply Units), graphics cards & PCI/AGP/Express cards, sound cards, anything you can take apart out of the inside of a computer. We will also take the entire unit itself which are worth much less as a whole. Laptops fetch a high price as well as the batteries. Pricing changes often by a few cents so visit or call for the day's prices.

Can Basket Program

We provide large collection baskets and transportation of the baskets when needed. This service is provided to businesses like schools who are being environmentally aware in getting the children engaged at an early age to participate. We also provide the service to large communities like church groups, women's/men's clubs, nightclubs and bars around town, pretty much any business that goes through a lot of aluminum cans. Get engaged today with little effort, only takes a call.

Requirements for Recycling Scrap

Due to theft and Florida law. We must require all customers who wish to scrap any items besides aluminum cans to have a valid driver's license and a valid vehicle tag. We are also required to document the items, vehicle tag and the owner of material who is scrapping the items which includes a thumb print and picture.

Restricted Items

These items require addition documentation before we can accept and payout. Additional information comes in the form of a signed company letter head from the owner or authorized authority.

Includes but are not limited to:

Refer Coils & AC Units

Vehicle Batteries

Commodity Price Per Pound
Aluminum Cans 0.40
Copper #2 1.80
Steel 0.03
Lead 0.40
Car Batteries 0.20
Copper Wire #2 0.30
Yellow Brass 1.00
High-Grade Motherboards 1.00
Red Brass 1.00
Copper #1 2.00
Copper Wire #1 1.00
Extruded Aluminum 0.40
Dirty Brass 0.75
Electric Motors 0.10
Refer Coils 0.90
Aluminum Scrap 0.30
Compressors (Sealed Units) 0.08