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Local Recycling Center serving the DeLand and surrounding areas since 1982.

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Florida Recycling operations are categorized Under Federal Critical Infrastructure Sectors
Our products are supplied to critical supply chains used in end markets such as: Equipment Manufacturing (e.g. vehicles manufacturing including passenger cars and trucks). Machinery Manufacturing (e.g. power transmission and distribution and electrical equipment), Appliance and Component Manufacturing (e.g. electronic machinery and equipment, regrigerator, freezers and food containers); more broadly our products feed supply chains in many areas of critical manufacturing across North America.

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Metals We Scrap

Aluminum Cans

One of the most popular commodities to collect are aluminum cans. Their value is higher than standard aluminum because food cans are made with the highest quality "food grade" aluminum. Cans are consumed in almost any household across America with the total consumption each year reaching over 80 billion, there's no limit on how many times aluminum can be recycled. Help us and your community keep the waste on the environment down by collecting aluminum cans that we will pay you for.


We take both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. A metal is considered ferrous when it contains iron which is magnetic. Using a magnet will tell you whether a metal is ferrous or not. Steel and iron are great examples of ferrous while copper and brass are great examples of non-ferrous. Non-ferrous metals are more precious therefore they are in higher demand but every metal will fetch a price nonetheless.


Bring motherboards, RAM, processors, PSU(Power Supply Units), graphics cards & PCI/AGP/Express cards, sound cards, anything you can take apart out of the inside of a computer. We will also take the entire unit itself which are worth much less as a whole. Laptops fetch a high price as well as the batteries. Pricing changes often by a few cents so visit or call for the day's prices.

Can Basket Program

We provide large collection baskets and transportation of the baskets when needed. This service is provided to businesses like schools who are being environmentally aware in getting the children engaged at an early age to participate. We also provide the service to large communities like church groups, women's/men's clubs, nightclubs and bars around town, pretty much any business that goes through a lot of aluminum cans. Get engaged today with little effort, only takes a call.

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